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Is Your Organisation Listening?

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Many businesses and organizations have lost customers and members not because they don’t communicate but because the content of their communication do not resonate with their customers’ or members’ deep concerns.

Every information a customer to your business or member of your organisation is kind enough to provide you, most times at their own expense, in the form of a complaint, suggestion or support ticket is a gem you should never lose.

These invaluable data are lying unused in your organisation’s databases, email archives, Live Chat Transcripts, SMS Inbox and Recorded Phone Conversations.

Over the last decade, customer-centricity and user/customer experience have become a major focus area in the tech industry. Communications / Collaboration tool creators have been deliberately evolving their software around people. Therefore, the problem is neither the lack of affordable software solutions nor is it the availability of relevant data.

In my opinion, the problem is corporate culture – An interesting fact about corporate culture is that you can either be deliberate about its development or it will birth itself out of the daily interactions between internal and external members of your organisation. Over time, societal culture may become your organization’s corporate culture.

As organizations grow bigger, founders naturally find themselves relating more with the organization’s finance and delegating the roles of relating with the people that pay the money to employees. In worse cases, only receiving the (most times) biased feedback of Managers.

You can deliberately develop a corporate culture that encourages listening and truly putting the customer first by Training and equipping your employees with the appropriate tools for curating customer feedback:

Training: Training your front-line employees to listen and connect with customers’ sentiments, to not just be interested in at-the-moment sales – thereby imposing whatever is readily available on the customer but to build relationships and collect valuable data on how the customer wants to be served. An angry customer during his rant might tell you how your competitor handles similar situation efficiently.

Tooling: Deploying an integrated Support, suggestions, complaints and feedback utilities that enable you to view your conversation history with each customer, member or stakeholder Individually, across interests and product/service lines;

At Cecula, we are constantly rethinking organisational communication. The Cecula platform when used with Cecula Sync Cloud, transcends sending of bulk marketing communication and transactional message to engaging customers regardless of the device they use because you can engage in LiveChat with interlocutors using cheap feature phones that cannot even connect to the internet.

Cecula stores all your conversation history with each individual enabling your Support agent to always provide informed responses to their future inquiries and decision makers to drive the organisation with data from the customers.

With the power of platforms such as Cecula, you can explore deep into the heart of your external stakeholders, innovate around their concerns and build solutions they want to pay for and introduce to others.